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 art diary

I would be glad to talk with
you whenever you need to
repair any beads
accessories and you want
he only accessory.
I can make original beads
accessories as you like.

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¡Hair Make

@@@¡ I would like to change your hair style while making your
@@@@time here really enjoyable.


Do you have any trouble with your hair?@

Do you sleep enough every day?
Do you have enough water?

It is said that tiredness and no enough sleep cause
thehead to become dry.
Then immunity from a disease declines and the skin
 becomes more sensitive to various kind of stimulation.

And if water( which accounts for 70 percent of the body)
becomes insufficient, not only will the skin become too
dry but it will also cause damage to the hair, which may
result in
dandruff and itching.


@¡ Care for hair and helth!

@@@@Supplying moisture by
 means of ƒÎ-waterI

@@@@I will adjust ƒÎ-water for your own hair condition.
@@@@Mixing the water into liquid medicine for perm and
@@@@colouring reduces stimulation and surpplies moisture.
@@@@Using ƒÎ-water is
particularly beneficial for delicate skin .

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