It is fwell known that mugwort
 is in general used for kusa-
 mochi which is a soft round
  rice cake mixed with mugwort 
 stuffed with sweet bean jam.
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■Hari Kyu

   Hari (acupuncture) and Kyu (moxa cautery) are Oriental medicines, they
   help to promote the power of spontaneous recovery.

   It is said that there are 361 effective points in our body.
   These can be in unexpected places because parts of a body have links
   with various other parts, for example, hands have many effective points
   for the face, legs also have many links with internal organs.

   If your hand is painful you, maybe your eye is tired. If your knee pains
   you, maybe your liver is getting weak.

   So it is not unusual that treatment with aqupuncture and moxa cautery is
   given for a different place from the one which hurts.

   ☆ Why are acupuncture and moxa cautery are effective in helping to take
      away pain?

    There are many kind of implements in Oriental medicine and there are
     various acupunctures and moxa cauteries.
    I will briefly describe orthodox implements.


    Here are four needles. The uppermost one (D) is for sewing. These
    below (A,B,C) are implements for treating.

    If you compare the size of B,C and D with A, you can see that B,C and
    D are thinner than A

It is said that the acumulation of Lactic acid is a major reason for stiffness.
    If a needle enters the skin, the body recogonizes that a foreign body has
    entered and it tries to expel it, thus discharging the Lactic acid along with
       the foreign body.

Moxa cautery:

    Moxa (1) is made of mugwort, which is Japnese herb (2).
    A bit of moxa which is the size of a grain of riceis placed on the
    point and set on fire by burning an incense stick (3)

If you get burned, your body tries to heal the affected part.
     Moxa cautery makes use of this ability. The power to recover
     is enhanced because the body believes it has been burned by
     moxa cautery (though it is not a real burn).

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